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Everyday Ice Tray

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  • DESIGN DETAILS: Thoughtfully designed for ease of use. A silicone wrapped steel interior rim runs the perimeter of the tray to provide strength and rigidity for easily filling and mess-free transport to the freezer
  • TOP NOTCH MATERIALS: High-grade silicone manufactured in a zero-emission facility meets LFGB requirements (the highest European food-grade standards), and are BPA-free and lead free. Dishwasher safe for easy clean up
  • THE RIGHT ICE: Crafts 12 1 1/4" cubes, creating generously sized, perfectly square cubes. Large cubes provide a high surface area for ideal chilling that ensures drinks don't get diluted too quickly (and look extra cool)
  • COVER UP: Lid keeps ice fresh by eliminating freezer odors. Cover rests on tray, no wrestling with snapping it on when filled, peels off easily for ice removal, and stacks trays for space efficient freezer storage
  • POP IT: Each compartment is individually molded, so you can easily pop out a single cube at a time without having to twist and crack the tray. Also has a raised lip that funnels any extra water into the tray without spilling
  • NEXT LEVEL: Infuse ice with herbs and fruit. Freeze juice and coffee to make a every day drinks more festive, save milk and broths to prolong their shelf life, or freeze homemade baby food in portion sizes